JLED Boat Mount




This is the parts excluding the light head and pvc pipe. These are all aluminum brackets and tee. Wing bolts are SS. These can be mounted with bolts (Not Included) to the bow or deck. You only need a 4’ piece of 3/4” pvc for the upright and in and out. It can be taken off after use. Includes: 1-V Bracket 1-Tee 3-5/16 SS Bolts Product Warranty: 1 Year against defects. To place a warranty claim please contact us at jerry@jerrysleds.com. During the claim process you will be asked to return the product with as much of its wiring as possible. If splices were used they must be left on the product. **Warranties voided should products show evidence of abuse, modification, neglect, improper maintenance, or intentional or accidental misuse or damage.

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