Stop floundering around with ordinary lights.
Stick it to them with Jerry’s LED lights.

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About us

What started out as a small hobby building LED flounder gigging lights for friends, in just a few short years has developed into thousands of satisfied customers across the country. Jerry’s LEDs are handcrafted floundering lights and are custom-built with quality and reliability in mind throughout the entire process. Our flounder light products are available through distributors throughout the United States and we’re proud to equip our new found friends with quality LED gigging lights to get their best catch!

The LED lights have been lighting up the coast from Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, to name a few, for 5 years. Jerry’s LED lights have many purposes including, but not limited to, the following: flounder gigging, walk flounder gigging, flounder lights for boats, frog gigging, bully net lobster fishing, bowfishing lights, LED fishing lights, crappie fishing lights, green fishing lights, LED pier lights, and much more.


Our Products

Jerry’s LEDs floundering lights are individually handcrafted by our specialized staff with superior control testing of each product before it ships out. We’re incredibly proud of how we craft our product and how we treat our customers.

Each unit is built with custom, premium components such as:

  • OEM built heatsinks with specially serrated fins for more heat dissipation when used above water.
  • Hard anodized OEM heatsinks to protect our products from saltwater abrasion and corrosion.
  • Superior optical potting compounds which are waterproof and water clear in order to distribute the maximum amount of light.
  • Military specification silver coated copper wire for maximum power and corrosion resistance. Heavy duty double insulated for abrasion resistance.
  • All stainless steel fasteners and bronze nuts.
  • LED chips made in the USA.


Our products are also guaranteed by Jerry’s Warranty.


Product Warranty:

30W - 40W Lights: Lifetime warranty against manufacture’s defects.
50W or higher: One Year warranty against manufacture’s defects.

To place a warranty claim please contact us at During the claim process you will be asked to return the product with as much of its wiring as possible. If splices were used they must be left on the product.

 **Warranties voided should products show evidence of abuse, modification, neglect, improper maintenance, or intentional or accidental misuse or damage.